Women business leaders are becoming more and more common in the business world. This is much to the benefit of businesses and employees everywhere. According to Harvard Business Review, women have more key leadership qualities than their male counterparts. Likewise, women are more likely to listen to others and support those like them.

This news is inspiring more women to break into the business world. For those seeking to emulate the success of those who came before, here are some traits that women business leaders often share. 


One of the top traits in nearly every female leader is perseverance. Running a business is tough – and it doesn’t always work out. Those that make it to the top of successful companies did so because they never stopped or backed down.

While all leaders will have had to deal with this, female leaders have one other challenge they’ve survived. There has always been a bias against women, especially in business and leadership roles. Thus, the women who became leaders had to find ways of dealing with it while persevering. 


When it comes to any leader’s essential traits, confidence is a necessity. Leaders need to be capable of believing in themselves, their company, and their teams. More than that, they need to be able to portray this confidence. 


The most effective leaders are the ones that know how to stay focused – and keep their team on track. Successful female business leaders tend to have high amounts of focus. At any given moment, they have a goal, and they plan how to get there.


The business world can be unpredictable. Just look at the change that 2020 and the pandemic brought with it. There was little anyone could have done to predict that. Yet the businesses and leaders that worked hard to adapt are the ones that thrived during those changing and challenging times.

There’s a lesson to be learned there. Women leaders that appreciate and utilize adaptability are most likely to succeed. Likewise, they are more likely to coach their business to success, as no change will throw them off their stride. 


Finally, let us not ignore women leaders’ ability to create an empowered work environment. Female leaders are more likely to listen to other voices within their team and provide uplifting opportunities whenever possible.