Sales calls can be very challenging for a sales rep. It can be hard to hit all the notes and convert a potential customer into a paying client. One of the most critical factors that a sales rep must consider is how to avoid making a mistake. For instance, you might be perceived as pushy if a potential client questions your budget.

Fortunately, this article contains questions sales representatives should avoid because they can turn off customers. 

Are You The Decision-Maker?

One of the most damaging sales questions potential clients can ask is if they’re the decision maker. This can damage a potential client’s ego and lead to them leaving the conversation. Being a better listener can help you avoid this mistake and gain the necessary information.

Even in a company setting, there is not always just one decision-maker. Therefore, you should never ask, “Are you the decision maker?” This will either offend someone or provide inaccurate information about who is calling the shots.

What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Back in the day, this question was an effective sales tool because it wasn’t widely used. However, today, most salespeople use this question to open up every conversation they have. This has caused many prospects to get weary of these types of questions. Instead, start with a more specific and engaging question. This will allow you to connect more directly with the potential client.

How Are You?

This is a poor sales tool because it’s common for other salespeople to ask the same question. It shows that they are like everyone else, immediately putting off potential customers. Experts recommend avoiding this type of question altogether. Instead, say something that makes the prospect think you are different from everyone else.

Can I Get Your Email Address?

People are tired of giving their email addresses away for little in return. Promising them something in return, such as a discount or a future promotion, is essential. When you ask for a potential client’s email address, you ask for their time, so give them a reason to provide you with their business. 

What Would Get You To Buy Right Now?

This question applies pressure and can make a potential client feel uncomfortable. Customers typically resist or try to end the conversation as quickly as possible. Instead of asking this question, focus on the prospect’s problems.