As an entrepreneur, there will be times when achievements are made, goals are reached, and the spotlight will shine on you. While the role of the business leader is essential, too many entrepreneurs want to bask in that spotlight alone. The best entrepreneurs know that the recognition for both effort and results doesn’t belong solely to them. Everyone hopes to get that spotlight, but how can entrepreneurs share that recognition most effectively?

Understand Why You Should Share

There are both ethical and practical reasons for sharing the spotlight for goals met by the team in business. The ethical reason is that you did not do the work. You could have led the project, but you did not participate with the team. Therefore, taking the spotlight for great results is genuinely irresponsible for an entrepreneur. 

From a practical view, when you share the spotlight, or even better if you shift the recognition from yourself to other members, you will show the team you are trustworthy and that you value them. When your peers feel that way about you, the motivation to achieve again will skyrocket.

Convince Yourself

As an entrepreneur, you must want to do it before you can share or shift the spotlight or recognition. It would be best to decide what you will do long before the spotlight moment. As the leader, your role in the team’s ultimate success starts early. Help the team see the end goal and help them get excited about the prospects afforded by the accomplishments of the work. It will be easy to know that you can’t do it alone when you set that vision. When you shift your perspective about your role and the role of the team, you will create an even better team and be the person people want to work with. And the chances are that it will become a more satisfying spotlight for you to experience because it is much more meaningful.


If you ask for advice from any prominent entrepreneur, one of the first things they’ll tell you is to build a team. Creating a group of leaders around you will ensure you’re surrounded by those aligned with your vision while adding value to it simultaneously. Allowing individuals you’ve personally trained and developed to hold the spotlight will humble you and help you keep your ego in check.